Medical Insurance for Minors

Insurance is available for all children under the age of 18 in America because of the new PPACA passed by Congress. This means that any child with any medical condition qualifies for health insurance with any other insurance company. So if you have a child that has diabetes or cancer or any other dreaded disease you can get insurance for them. You do not have to worry that they will be declined for medical insurance if a parent loses a job and then loses their insurance from that.

When Congress made these changes the insurance companies also changed some of their rules. Where before you could put a child on his or her own policy by themselves as long as they completed the underwriting process, now you cannot get a regular insurance plan for a child by themselves. they can still get coverage and the coverage is guaranteed issue regardless of their medical history. The difference is now you would have to be a dependent on a parents policy. this may be an issue for some people especially if the parent is covered under an employee's program. This parent would have to cancel the insurance with the employer that is likely paid for by the employer in order to get the coverage for their child. Sometimes this works out okay and they can save a little bit of money. But other times the family will have to pay more money because the child needs to get the coverage.

There is only one category of medical insurance plans available for child alone policies. This plan is called the short term health insurance plan. These plans are full major medical plans that are approved by the Department of Insurance just like any other medical insurance plan. Short-term health insurance plans cover any new illness or injury subject to deductible and coinsurance. These plans are not automatic issue however. There is a short survey of medical questions that will need to be completed to determine whether or not the child will qualify for the coverage. If your child qualifies for this coverage it can be much more affordable than any other opportunity available in the insurance market. Short-term health insurance plans are good for certain people but check with your local agent or contact someone from an Internet insurance company so that they can best advise you which plan meet your needs.

These new laws are great for kids that have medical issues and need to get coverage. With any new law you need to know how the changes affect you. It's never as cut and dried as saying all children will have coverage. The new situation is better but you do have to put children on a plan as a dependent with an adult right now.

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