Pet Health Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Holistic and conventional veterinary medicine has made great improvements in the quality of our pet's lives over the past decade. Our pets are living longer and happier lives. Too often we find out that though treatment is available for our pet the cost is simply beyond our means.

Costs for treatments and surgery for dogs can range from about $300.00 for Auricular Hematoma (swollen, fluid-filled ear) to $9,000 for cancer of the liver. Cost for treatments and surgery for cats range from $250.00 for multiple bite wounds to $1,500 for Malignant Skin Mass.

One of the more common illnesses for both older cats and dogs are cataracts. In fact, dog cataract surgery is so common today that animal health insurance companies recognize the problem and cover these treatments. So you can see why having pet health insurance can literally save your pet's life and your savings account.

Holistic vets make use of alternative therapies. Alternative therapies include vitamin supplements, massage, acupressure, natural foods, and herbal remedies as part of the healing process. Before you purchase pet health plans inquire if the company will pay for holistic treatments and supplements. Many of the popular policies today do not cover alternative therapy.

But, you can still find a way to help pay for holistic treatment. There are actually pet HMOs on the market today. A pet HMO will usually give you a 25 percent discount on veterinary services for all pets. The pet HMO differs from the conventional insurance plan in that it has no deductibles or exclusions for pre-existing conditions. You do not pay a higher rate for older sicker pets.

If you are planning to purchase more conventional pet health insurance familiarize yourself with pre-existing conditions limitations. Different companies have different definitions of pre-existing conditions. Some insurance plans define the pre existing condition as something that happened before the policy went into effect. Other companies will include congenital conditions or disorders.

Congenital disorders are somewhat like ticking time bombs. They are present in the animal at birth but do not manifest or appear until later in life. Certain breeds are particularly prone to some conditions. Large dogs often experience hip dysplasia as they get older.

If you know your dog's breed you may want to find out if their congenital conditions are covered. If you have a pet that is a mixed breed you may not be able to figure out what breed is the most dominant and what congenital conditions you need to concern yourself with. In this case you might want to consider the pet HMO option as an alternative to the conventional insurance.

Whatever kind of pet you have and whatever kind of treatment you give your pet - holistic or conventional, consider finding out about pet insurance. Insurance protects you from unexpected expense and in the case of your pet unexpected heart ache. No one wants to have to make the choice between money and their pet's life. Pet insurance is not very expensive and let's you not have to worry about paying for that unexpected surgery your pet many need some day.

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